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Stove size pieces of firewood should be stacked as soon as possible. Always stack the firewood off the ground and never directly against a building. You can stack the pieces side by side to save space, but remember that air circulation is what will cure the firewood. Don't pack the pieces too closely the wood dries out mostly from the ends, but make your stack is strong enough to stand on its own. Stacking the wood log-cabin style increases airflow and will decrease curing time. With your cord of wood stacked using a rack or storage system you will save, money and time. Having clean, dry, rot free wood, will help to keep your house clean and warm. Dry wood helps keep your chimney clean also. Cured dry wood lights up easy, and continues to burn efficiently. Properly cured firewood burns hotter and cleaner than green wood. Burning "green" wood can lead to creosote deposits in your chimney. Different types of wood are seasoned for different amounts of time. In general, evergreens cure faster than hardwoods like hickory or oak.